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Wanderings of a Human Girl

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June 5th, 2007

Odd... really odd...

which fandom
oh wow. i was thinking about a line from a fic where the doctor reads martha's mind, and listening to a harry potter podcast when they had a listener question from someone named martha talking about occlumency and whether other death eaters like barty crouch junior might have learned it in Azkaban...

*shiver down back*

has anyone else out there had an experience where one fandom reflects something from another fandom?
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June 3rd, 2007

(no subject)

which fandom
That was beautiful.

I just finished watching, so I’m still crying but I’ll start from the beginning again and go through it.

May 19th, 2007

Reaction to 3x07: 42

which fandom

okay. that was... interesting. i loved satan's pit in season 2, but this was just too similar for my taste. 

impossibly placed spaceship losing power, minimal crew with secrets, alien organism that attacks crew members and kills them off "one by one" and infects them, glowing eyes. 

honestly, the only things different were a living sun instead of a gravity field around a black hole and the lack of writing on the infected person's face, and the lack of a conversation about the future between the Doctor and Companion. *sigh* RTD surely has not racked all of his imagination already? its only season 3 and they're repeating already! what are we supposed to do for season 4?!?

HOWEVER! as someone who promotes martha's relationship with the doctor, i am happy about the key. it took Rose a while before she got hers, and i take this as a sign that the Doctor is recovering. but the kiss at the end was pathetic not hot. i wonder if it made the Doctor think about how Rose attracted all these pretty boys.

another bit that has to be my favorite scene in the series so far (aside from the expelliarmus scene in episode 2, of course) has to be the silent separation. that was gorgeous. it is where i think that freema has shown off what she is capable of. and david shines brillantly once again. the terror, the hopelessness, the fear, ah that was brillant!

but yeah.. that's about it. my reaction. thanks so much to whoever posted the AVI upload link on tennant_love. people like you make the worlds of people like me (aka Americans with bad TV) go round.

~ sandstar08

Hello all!

which fandom
Hello! I'm a newbie to the Doctor Who fandom as well as LiveJournal. I usually lurk about with reviews and comments on other fanfic, but decided to finally stick my neck out and write my one of my own. 

It's a post-Doomsday fic about Rose, not terribly angsty. BUT I need a beta. If there's one thing I've learned from my experience in the Potter fandom, it is that you miss 99% of the mistakes you make. So if anyone is interested in beta-ing this one-shot (possibly to become the first in a line of snapshot entries) or beta-ing another (supposedly funnier) one-shot i'm writing for a ficathon, just drop me a line! I can take any level of criticism, so bring on the red pens!
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